Discipline Policy

   1. Age appropriate, constructive disciplinary practices are used for children
       in child care.

         Discussion with the child about appropriate behavior.

         "Time Out" from ongoing activity.

         Discipline form(s) signed by parent/guardian.

         Consultation with parents to seek answers or understanding of the problem.


   2. Children are not subjected to discipline which is severe, humiliating,
       or frightening.

   3. Discipline is not associated with food, rest or toileting.

   4. Spanking, or any other form of physical punishment, is absolutely and
       strictly prohibited.

At the discretion of the director and after a reasonable effort on the part of the program staff to integrate a child into the program, a child's participation may be terminated if that child is deemed chronically disruptive to the functioning of the program.


The following is the Discipline Policy and Basic Rules of the Campus KidCare program. We're sure you'll agree that they're fair and necessary, so please read this section carefully and discuss it with your child as it applies to both you and your child.

1.      Good sportsmanship and fair play must be displayed at all times.

2.      No dangerous items of any kind including firearms, knives, explosives, dangerous chemicals may be brought to the Campus KidCare program. (If there's any question about the dangerous part, the site manager makes the determination.)

3.      No defacing or abusing school property.

4.      No foul or abusive language by adults or children.

5.      No fighting, hitting, biting, or purposely harming others.

6.      Children are responsible for their own belongings. (We'll help them learn to take responsibility by providing a specific place of their own where they may keep their jackets, books, etc.; but the bottom line is that they must become responsible.)

7.      No gum.

8.      Children must remain with their group leader during the designated times and are responsible for reporting to roll call and checking out with that leader when picked up.

9.      Other children's belongings must not be bothered.

10.  Children must abide by the Code of Conduct established by their elementary school.

11.  Disrespect/poor attitude will not be tolerated.

12.  Only G rated and director approved videos or CDs are permitted.


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