Our Staff

Our staff is the best!
You can feel confident that the staff members looking after your child are among the best in the business. Their job descriptions require training in First Aid, CPR and child development. They must be in good physical health and submit to fingerprinting and careful background checks.

Local, Licensed Child Care Providers...
Site managers are in charge of the school site. They will plan and coordinate the Campus KidCare experience for your child, based on child development principles. They also supervise the group leaders and volunteers and have the authority to carry out the discipline procedures explained in our handbook.

When You Have Questions... 
KidCare is a cooperative program that includes the Site Managers, Providers, School Principal, Director of Elementary Education, Child Care Supervisor, and Child Care Specialist. Any of us should be able to answer your questions or help you solve any problems, just call us at (863)686-5116.

Where Your School Fits In...
The principals of each Campus KidCare site are our biggest asset. They provide support for the program, as well as a place to run it. They have a full load, so please address questions about the program to one of the Supervisors, Kim Esposito, Bridgette Pitts, Janice Williamson, Diane DeSena or Sheila Holton at our main office in Lakeland (863)686-5116.

Enroll Today!

Program is open to a limited number of children.
Come join the fun!

For more information, call our KidCare office at 863-686-5116
between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm


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