Payment is due the first day of each week that Campus KidCare is in session. This fee is a weekly charge and must be paid each week your child is enrolled. There is an extra $5.00 late fee added to your payment for each day late if payment is not paid on the first day of the week by 6:00pm

Rules of Campus KidCare

1. Children must report to the designated Campus KidCare site immediately upon school dismissal. It is the parents' responsibility to notify Campus KidCare if your child will be absent from Campus KidCare for any reason.

2. When you need us, you can find us. Just call the Campus KidCare program phone, send a written message with your child or leave a message with the school office regarding your child.

3. We'll ask you to sign permission slips for field trips off campus.

4. Sign In and Out Policy: It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian bringing the child to the center or picking the child up from the center to sign in and sign out on the sign in/sign out form. Full signatures are required; no initials or nick names can be accepted. Persons authorized to pick up my child other than the above parent or guardians: (Only those persons with a white pickup card and/or listed will be able to pick up your child.) (Children cannot be released to persons under 16 years of age.) List as many possible names and remember if you have more than one job you should list them all. If they have a cell phone you could also list those.  If you or any of your emergency people change jobs or phone numbers, we need to be notified immediately of the change so that the child's file can be updated.
5. Prepayment is necessary to determine the need for the program during Winter Holidays, Spring Break and other special occasions.

6. Liability: Campus KidCare will not be liable for any child who leaves Campus KidCare to attend any other activity program, either on or off campus, from the time of check out to check back in. When any child leaves Campus KidCare to attend any other function that child will not be the responsibility of Campus KidCare until that child has been officially checked back in with the site manager. KidCare is not liable until the child is checked in.

7. Absences: Please notify Campus KidCare in the event your child will be absent or other pick up arrangements are made on the days when this change is in effect.  This will help us in accounting for the children upon roll call. 

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For more information, call our KidCare office at 863-686-5116
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