Our Goal

When the Polk County School Board decided, in answer to numerous requests from parents, that school-age child care extended days were a necessary service, we got to work to design a program we could all be proud of and one your kids would benefit from.

The program, named Campus KidCare, is designed to care for your child safely, and to give him or her that "little extra," educationally, socially, culturally, emotionally and academically. In short, all the things you would provide if you didn't need to work or go to school yourself. And that's a tall order.

Here, in a nutshell, is what Campus KidCare offers you and your child:

Safety - Staff, volunteers and specialists work within a staff/child ratio of 1:17, and provide your child with a safe, familiar environment.

Convenience - Your child stays at school, enrolled in a safe, convenient, affordable program. Each Campus KidCare site has its own telephone, so if you need us, you can find us.

Affordability - We recognize that child care is one of the biggest-and most important-expenses parents face today. So Campus KidCare designers set out to offer a top quality program that costs you less. We can do it because our overhead is covered. The schools are built, the playgrounds are ready and much of our planning time is included in our original jobs. And you, the taxpayer get the benefit-quality child care, affordability.
Food - We know kids and we know they get hungry. So Campus KidCare provides a nutritious snack each afternoon.

Fun! - Campus KidCare is out to provide your child with fun, kid-things to do. We even have a staff to provide homework help so that when you and your child get home there's time for family.
Developmentally Appropriate Activities - Wherever your child is in the scheme of the program, you can be assured that our child care experts will provide the kind of specialized activities that will help him or her get ahead. Whether that means language skills practice, motor building activities or social exercises, we'll be there to help. That's what we're trained for.

Enroll Today!

Program is open to a limited number of children.
Come join the fun!

For more information, call our KidCare office at 863-686-5116
between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm


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